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“95% of single moms do not attend church. Many cite “fear of being judged” as the reason.”

95 PERCENT. This is a sobering statistic. 

We know single moms are more open to coming into a church environment when surrounded by other single moms in a similar situation. They do not feel judged or embarrassed. Hosting an Empowered MOMS group allows your church to be a source of support and care for single moms.

Empowered MOMS is a turn-key 12-week support group for single moms with Christian teaching on the top three identified topics that single moms struggle with: Emotional/Spiritual Health, Finances, and Parenting.  MOMS Canada wishes to run successful ministry programs for Single Moms with the involvement of local churches. Our goal is to have churches hosting an Empowered MOMS group in every city across Canada.

Our Ministry-In-A-Box has everything your church needs to run our 12-week Empowered MOMS Program. Videos (with online access), workbooks, training material, and support from our MOMS Canada office staff. You only need to provide volunteers!  As a non-profit, we want to ensure that all single moms can access our programming at no cost. As we do not charge single moms for workbooks or childcare, we humbly ask your church for a donation (of any amount), and we will send you our 12-week Empowered MOMS program and include your church and program dates on our website.

Please contact our office for more information so your church can participate in this incredible ministry opportunity.

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