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Podcast Cover photos of 2 speakers for Single Mom Zoom Chat

This episode is a must-listen for single mothers. Join Cherise Giesbrecht, Executive Director of MOMS Canada, and special guest Naomi Holland, owner and founder of Redeemed with Purpose. Both women are passionate advocates for the safety and well-being of children and families.

Cherise shares her experience from MOMS Canada and offers valuable insights on creating a balanced and safe digital environment for children. Naomi, through her initiative Redeemed with Purpose, focuses on empowering individuals to lead purposeful lives in an increasingly digital world. Their combined wisdom and expertise provide a fresh perspective on how to protect and empower single moms and their kids in the digital age.

Tune in to learn practical strategies for setting screen time boundaries, the psychological effects of social media on young users, and the importance of fostering open communication within families about digital habits.

*Caution – This episode includes a discussion on trafficking and abuse and is not appropriate for children.

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