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Welcome from the Executive Director

Thank you for choosing to view our website.  It is my pleasure to tell you a little about MOMS Canada and the amazing ways in which God continues to bless our organization.

God has allowed MOMS Canada to provide help and support for many single mothers and their children.  With the blessing of our amazing volunteer mentors, who dedicate their time to invest in the lives of our moms, we are able help single mothers in several different ways.  MOMS Canada offers on-going help by providing a safe environment, a listening ear, fellowship with other single mothers or referrals to a community resource.

There are many life situations that single mothers may face which not only affects them, it can influence their children.  With providing love and support, life starts to look different for most mothers.  For their children, a new world begins to unfold as their mothers become healthier, and they build friendships with the other children in our program.

MOMS Canada is about improving the emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being of single mothers and their children.  By accepting and loving women where they are at and connecting them with mentors who want to walk alongside them in life, it nurtures change.  Providing our moms with community and educational programming, we help them build a foundation for positive and lasting change. Being a single mother myself, I can only imagine how different my life and the lives of my two boys would have been if we had that support.

Witnessing the positive changes that occur for our moms and their children is a gift from God.  They inspire me with their hope, courage, beauty, strength and who they have become. This is a blessing that all of us at MOMS Canada are thankful we can be a part of.

Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens and I will give you rest.” ~ Matthew 11:28 NLT


Brenda Osbaldeston

Executive Director

Our Mission Statement

MOMS Canada’s mission is to serve single mothers and their children by providing one-on-one mentoring, referral services, as well as community and educational centered programming to create positive and lasting change.

Our Vision Statement

Striving to be the leader in improving the emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being of single mothers and their children across Canada.


Where Single Mothers Find Hope


MOMS Canada was founded in 2009, as a Christ-centered non-profit organization with the purpose of supporting single moms and their children. Though motherhood is one of life’s greatest rewards, parenting alone can be very stressful. Mothers who do not have caring and consistent support in their lives often find themselves feeling isolated, discouraged and stuck. MOMS Canada was birthed in order to help these women not just survive but thrive.

Founder, Meda Weir saw this need and decided to start MOMS Canada based out of the Parkland area in Alberta with the goal of  helping single mothers and their children. She modeled MOMS Canada after a charity in St. Paul Minnesota called M.O.M.S Minnesota, a charity that had already been helping single moms since the early 1980’s. Her dream was to see these families cared for and becoming successful. Since MOMS Canada has been founded it has been growing steadily and continues to help hundreds of women and their children every year.

The struggles that single moms face are not isolated to our regional area, so we do our best to be available to answer questions and offer assistance where possible. We get many calls for help from across the country. Our team supports them by simply listening or providing resource information to address their immediate needs. 

As a team, it has been rewarding to see how many lives has been touched by the important work of MOMS Canada.